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My App My Life: A Fully Hardened Innovative New Startup Model

We’ve been working with our friends over at Perfect You on a really cool new startup business model. This model aims to help reverse trends that have led to 2.1 billion overweight or obese people, 5 million deaths from diabetes … Continue reading

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Are My Products or Services Affected by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)?

We help lots of Western firms get started in China and with various aspects of China market-entry. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is a question that comes up frequently with our US-based clients. Our offer is “turnkey” meaning that … Continue reading

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ITAR Paragraph 121 – Affected Products or Services

If you are or are considering exporting or importing products or services related to military or defense into or out of the United States, you are best advised to check the list of affected articles. The list of affected items … Continue reading

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Confirming ITAR Concerns with the US State Department

ITAR  is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations issued by the US Government. ITAR is administered by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) of the US State Department. After reviewing our Part 1 and Part 2 articles you may … Continue reading

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CHINA: Cultural Insights for Business Success – Part 3: Guanxi

Guanxi, in very general terms, refers to the “personal network of relationships” between people. Most importantly in the above phrase is the word “personal.”

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What We Can Learn From a Failed Sales-Call in China.

We sat in the conference room in Shanghai across the table from the Director of Engineering for one of China’s largest producers of construction equipment. My client was Vice President of a leading electronics components supplier.

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Did LEAN Kill Strategy?

Differentiation, let’s make no mistake here, is the core of strategy. No bright new idea substitutes for differentiation, and Brand Value cannot be built without solid differentiation.

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Brand Value

Brand Value is, in simple terms, “the bottom-line profitability difference between an offer sold in a branded condition and the exact same offer sold by another company in an unbranded condition.”

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Building Brand Value

Building Brand Value starts with a solid strategy. Of primary importance within the strategic framework is Position (the perception of the brand or offer in the minds of consumers) and Differentiation (what it has that others don’t from the view of the … Continue reading

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Brand Extension

Brands that have built high Brand Value have exciting opportunities for extension, creating new platforms for dramatic improvements in bottom-line profitability. Brand extension functions and succeeds with low risk on the basis of leveraging client loyalty and identification, while maintaining … Continue reading

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