My App My Life: A Fully Hardened Innovative New Startup Model

We’ve been working with our friends over at Perfect You on a really cool new startup business model. This model aims to help reverse trends that have led to 2.1 billion overweight or obese people, 5 million deaths from diabetes annually and over 200 million people being unemployed! Check it out!

My App My Life:  A Fully Hardened Innovative New Start-up Model  The world-changing wellness app and social network with multiple=What’s in this article?  Background SFA: Sustainability Forensic Analysis My App My Life Revenue Streams Channels to Market Investor InfoBackground  “Perfect You is initiating My App My Life as the smartest, coolest, and most influential global health movement of the 21st century that is undoubtedly going to have a positive impact on millions of lives, spreading inspiration, motivation, faith, as well as love for our families and communities.”  - Monica & Kat, Founders of Perfect You  We’ve been working with our friends over at Perfect You ( helping them develop and refine their solid, world-changing new business model.  Start-ups face a wider array of challenges than do established businesses, as we all know. This is the reason so many struggle. One of the key challenges for start-ups occurs when the main thing they are trying to accomplish is more difficult than expected. Most start-ups have one main idea, and this main idea must work out in order to materialize their single source of revenue.  If one of the key assumptions in a start-up is wrong or things don’t go quite as planned, then the single source of revenue is jeopardized. Building robustness against unforeseen developments is thus one of the key challenges in start-up planning.SFA: Sustainability Forensic Analysis One of the most important developments in strategic planning, especially for start-ups, is what we call Sustainability Forensic Analysis (SFA). Since start-ups often operate in an entirely new environment, they face different risks than established businesses. We use SFA in our business planning to counter those risks. SFA expounds on traditional SWOT-type analysis to ask deeper questions and more fundamental questions about some of the foundational assumptions that have gone into the underpinnings of the business model.   In short, SFA asks, “What if it doesn’t work?” where “it” is the main idea behind the model.  The Perfect You model is great. It’s going to work. We are sure of it.  But in SFA we still ask, “What if?” Furthermore, in SFA, we try to develop multiple, distinct revenue streams, and multiple=My App My Life: My App My Life aims to reverse trends that have led to 2.1 billion overweight or obese people, 5 million deaths from diabetes annually and over 200 million people being unemployed. Indeed, The Fiscal Times reports that the lifetime estimated costs in the US for obesity are $US 92,235 per person.  So what is this awesome new My App My Life? Well…  It’s a holistic app. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a membership in an elite club of like-minded socially aware individuals. It’s a social network with a purpose. It’s a curated couture store featuring fully vetted best-in-category products. It’s your Life Coach in your pocket 24/7.To best explain, let’s start with the app as this is the daily interface to users. My App My Life is the world’s first 360-degree, 365-day holistic blueprint to healthy living. Sound like a lot? It is.   Think of any fitness app you know of – maybe a step tracker. Or maybe a calorie counter or recipe app. These are point apps. They cover mainly one point. Or the app solves one problem that, after solved, is abandoned.   My App My Life covers all aspects of healthy living. All? Well, it has more than 20 functions including real human connection and daily involvement of Life Coaches Monica and Kat – not just computerization like other apps!  Set and Track Personal Goals Fitness & Exercise Spinning Classes Floor Exercises Monthly Challenges Personal Development Weekly Meal Planner & Smart Shopping List Diary/Mental Outlook Tracking Closed Supportive Community Geo-tagged VIP Loyalty Network Business Network Daily Health Secret Push Recipe Healthy Transformer Cooking Network Cleanse & Detox Wellness & Beauty Life Coaching Daily Messages Nutritional Market Curated Fitness Products Smart Nutrition GuideA truly multi-functioning app. It’s a wonderful product. The original idea was to monetize the offer by paid membership. Many businesses successfully employ ad-free, trial, premium or freemium models. Examples include QuickBooks, Asana, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Dropbox, and many others.  The Perfect You model is quite similar to what is referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS. SaaS is proving to work well the world over; a friend works for English First in China who sells SaaS memberships for English language study for over $US3,000 per year!  The market hurdle of consumers paying for app-based software services and content they value has been cleared.Revenue Streams Understand the App to Understand the Revenue Streams The result of SFA with My App My Life is 5 distinct revenue streams making it an extremely robust business model. To understand the revenue streams you need to understand the app structure. My App My Life has these three parts:   1.	365 Family Membership: 365 Family has Daily Health Secret 365 and is like a “mini-app.” It consists mainly of a daily tip pushed once a day at a time selectable by the user and membership in the in-app social network. It’s affordable – around $15 per year. 365 Family acts as a “marketing gateway” into the larger app. Daily Takeaway Tips are app-integrated, value added, daily changing tips, conceptualized for customers to socially forward as a form of “giving” to influence healthy behaviors in family, friends and co-workers, to act as a lead generation tool for the business, and to expand the Perfect You customer base.   2.	365 Premium Membership: This is the full Life Coach (LC) app with >20 functions as noted above but will have some limitations to encourage users to select the Elite membership. Premium Membership is developed mainly as a positioning tool to encourage users to use the full membership (below) and is sold as a monthly and annual membership.   3.	365 Elite Membership: The full Life Coach app with VIP monthly and annual membership and with no limitations.Membership Revenue Revenue from memberships comes from three different price points starting at $15/year (indicative retail pricing) and increasing to a monthly fee for Premium and Elite memberships.  Membership Revenue Streams 1 Primary Model Revenue Stream 3 Sub-Revenue Streams  Corporate Reseller Revenue Think of national gym chains as one example. These clients can purchase blocks of 365 memberships that they can then give or sell as part of their packages to their clients. When a corporate reseller inks a deal with Perfect You, the memberships they receive are branded to their brand so that they get the marketing value. 365 has daily pushed tips conceptualized for social sharing that contain the corporate reseller’s logo, branding and links. Do the math here:  100,000 memberships = 100,000 daily marketing impressions 100,000 membership x 200 social contacts/member  = 20,000,000 social forward opportunities/day 20 Million Potential Social Views Per Day!  Daily Health Secret 365, a component of My App My Life, is a daily push notification intended to be easily shared via social media, increasing brand visibility amongst 2.34 billion social network users worldwide. It serves as powerful, viral lead generation and contains links to corporate resellers’ marketing resources. “Corporate branded My App My Life represents a brand-defining, signature assets.” To be very conservative we could imagine five (though it could be much higher) corporate resellers per country in, let’s say, 30 major countries for 150 corporate reseller revenue sub-streams.  Corporate Country Sponsor  One corporate sponsorship will be offered per country offering tasteful corporate branding and one link to the sponsor’s site.  Corporate Revenue Streams 2 Primary Model Revenue Streams 150 Sub-Revenue Streams  Product Revenue The full app will feature an in-app store filled with curated, fully vetted products including best quality supplements, wearables, fitness gear, etc.   Product revenue comes from 4 distinct sources.  Product Drop Shipped Revenue This method is the primary initial focus. In drop shipping, a user sees a product in the in-app store and reads a review. When they purchase the product, we transact the sale, deposit the purchase price, place the order on the product manufacturer who then fulfills the order. This is what we call a cashless transaction in that it requires no up-front cash from our side thus our cash flow is never negatively impacted by inventory costs. Growth potential is thus not limited by our cash  – we use the cash of the product manufacturers! Gross margin in drop shipping can be from 20% to around 35% with no cost for inventory, warehousing, no licensing fees, or shipping.Product Affiliate Revenue In this method, an affiliate product is placed in the in-app store and recommended along with a link to the seller. When a My App My Life user links to the product and makes a purchase, we earn a commission – let’s say around 5%. Virtually all online-retailers have some sort of affiliate program.  Product Sales Revenue In this method, we will curate and stock product inventory that could be sold in the in-app store. Product sales revenue typically generates 50% gross margin or more. But it requires cash for inventory and all the associated costs of inventory. We do not currently plan to initially use this method, but in SFA we always ask, “What if?”, so product sales is a fall back potential revenue stream.   Product Advertising Revenue Advertising is not currently planned, but is a well-known method. Advertising is also a fall back revenue stream.  Product Revenue Streams 2 Primary Model Revenue Streams +2 Primary Model Fall Back Revenue Streams 100+ Sub-Revenue Streams  “Multiple, distinct revenue streams derived from differing sources creates a degree of robustness not seen in most business models.”  - Kyle Jin, GM Yes Digital ChinaChannels to Market Direct-to-User (B2C) Not to make a big list here, but we reach users directly by many of the well-known digital marketing methods.   Social Forward (C2C) Users, via social forward mechanisms create countless additional sub-channels to market and reap the personal benefits of sharing positive, life-altering resources with family, friends and co-workers.   Power User (C2C) Power users are people such as key opinion leaders (KOLs), health & fitness bloggers, etc. These users can be membership resellers and can earn let’s say around 50% commission to generate a lot of buzz in this elite community. We know some with over 150,000 followers! As power users recruit new members the model then also benefits from the user social forward mechanisms.   Corporate Reseller (B2B)  When corporate resellers sell or give memberships to their clients our ecosystem grows accordingly. Coporate partners reap marketing advantages and, once again, new corporate members create additional business model leverage via the social forward mechanism. My App My Life: Fully Hardened! 5 primary revenue streams 2 fall back primary revenue streams  Over 250 sub-revenue streams  4 channels to market Geo-tagged VIP Loyalty Network Nearly endless social channels to market   Join Us Today!Become an Investor! Our International Shareholders Welcome to our family! You! Our Corporate Partners Please visit!Monica & Kat, mother and daughter, Life Coaches and Perfect You Founders Meet our Team It takes teamwork to make a dream work.The Market: It’s Big...Really Big A Few Highlights: 9,600,000,000 social media accounts globally (yeah, more than the global population!) 2,950,000,000 total global social media users 1,000,000 new social media accounts...per day 2,100,000,000 overweight or obese people globally  5,000,000 deaths from diabetes annually >200,000,000 people being unemployed from overweight US obesity costs: $US 92,235 per person. Global market details are available upon request.ARE YOU A VISIONARY TOO?    BECOME A SHAREHOLDER!   We now offer 1,427,200 shares of 123 Perfect You Holdings Ltd to be acquired by you and a select few until remaining shareholder openings have been filled. Join us!   We have developed a revolutionary business model that catapults 123 Perfect You Holdings Ltd into the pole position in its field of business not only locally but on a global scale!  We are the First Mover and successfully marry two of the fastest growing industries that prevail across all countries and appeal to all mankind alike, traversing cultures, economies, and societies, addressing today’s worldwide problems of diabetes, obesity, sub-health, and unemployment while offering a long-term and socially responsible business opportunity for all.  We invite you to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to invest into your future - health wise and financially - by becoming a valued shareholder of a pioneering company right at the beginning of its venture.   As a member of our Perfect You Shareholder Family your benefits are manifold and go far beyond the unparalleled financial return.PURPLE SHAREHOLDER OPPORTUNITY   US $5,000 10 OPENINGS   Purple Shareholders receive: 35,680 Company Shares Annual Dividend Payouts Exit Any Time Projected return after 5 years: US $90,000 in Dividends US $205,000 Share Value Total return on Investment: US $295,000*  GREEN SHAREHOLDER OPPORTUNITY   US $10,000 4 OPENINGS   Green Shareholders receive: 71,360 Company Shares Annual Dividend Payouts Exit Any Time Projected return after 5 years: US $180,000 in Dividends US $410,000 Share Value Total return on Investment: US $590,000*  BLUE SHAREHOLDER OPPORTUNITY   US $20,000 4 OPENINGS   Blue Shareholders receive: 142,720 Company Shares Annual Dividend Payouts Exit Any Time Projected return after 5 years: US $360,000 in Dividends US $820,000 Share Value Total return on Investment: US $1,180,000*  Conservative projection assumptions include: Valuation = 2x Revenue Not calculated revenues: Online marketers, additional digital products, sale of physical products, cross marketing, simultaneous launch of China (now planned).  Become an Agent of Change!Choose an investment that’s right for you. PURPLE SHAREHOLDER POSITIONS   TAKEN 6 / AVAILABLE 10 US $5,000 GREEN SHAREHOLDER POSITIONS TAKEN 8 / AVAILABLE 4 US $10,000 BLUE SHAREHOLDER POSITIONS TAKEN 2 / AVAILA BLE 4 US $20,000  SIPP + Self-managed Superannuation Fund Investment possible. Want to own more shares?  Mix + match any shareholder positions you like! Details and full financials are available upon request.  Be good.                  Do good.Contact Us! English Tracy Crawford 崔希 CEO 首席执行官 Rain8 Group: Turnkey China Market Entry +1 229 356 8599 USA  普通话:  Kristina Kang 康莉 Operations Director 执行总监 Rain8 Group: Turnkey China Market Entry +86 139 1804 1610 PR China   Rain8 assists Chinese firms identify and build key relationships  with Western firms in support of specific business goals  and China-national strategic objectives.  Rain8 assists Western firms with all aspects of China market  entry including taking full responsibility for  revenue generation in appropriate cases.  Visit us at for reading!

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