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Building BRAND Value

Building Brand Value starts with a solid strategy.


Of primary importance within the strategic framework is Position (the perception of the brand or offer in the minds of consumers) and Differentiation (what it has that others don’t from the view of the target demographic).


From this basis Brand Value may be constructed over time.


InterBrand is the world’s leading firms providing services to help companies calculate Brand Value and, in fact, have achieved the world’s first ISO certification of their renowned methodology identifying ten elements contributing to Brand Value.


We focus on developing the six external factors of a brand: AUTHENTICITY, RELEVANCE, DIFFERENTIATION, CONSISTENCY, PRESENCE, and UNDERSTANDING.


Authenticity means that what is being offered and marketed must be based on a true capability of the company or real attribute of an offer.


Relevance requires that the offer must have meaning and value to the target consumer.


Differentiation is measured using our eight-point methodology, but in summary can be described as supplying a superior benefit not offered by others.


Consistency demands that the value of the offer be provided across all touch-points at all times – every minute, hour, day, week, month, year, in stores, in interaction with staff, online, and in marketing.


Presence means the availability of the brand and information about the brand at offline and in online venues, and the degree of positive communication between real consumers in traditional socialisation as well as online social media.


Understanding starts with awareness but also extends to consumers having a deeper grasp of the true and full qualities and value of the brand.


To ensure these external factors can be implemented and create value for the brand, we assist clients in developing four internal brand factors as well: CLARITY, COMMITMENT, PROTECTION and RESPONSIVENESS.


Clarity is required internally so that all team members are fully aware of the value and differentiation of the brand to ensure that the value and differentiation is maintained and fully extended to clients.


Commitment refers to the degree to which internal people believe in the importance of the brand’s differentiation and are dedicated to maintaining, implementing and expanding the brand’s value.


Protection measures the security of the brand across legalities, suppliers, operations, distribution, geography and other categories.


Responsiveness calls for the brand to have the ability to change in the market environment both in view of emerging threats and new opportunities.


Of these ten factors, AUTHENTICITY, RELEVANCE and DIFFERENTIATION are of utmost importance. The remaining factors support and serve to bridge and extend the offer to clients and to maintain internal “brand health.”


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