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How We Can Help YOU in CHINA

Are you a Western firm contemplating expanding
your business into China?


Have you made forays into China
and run into difficulty?


We can help!


We can build and manage all aspects of your
business development footprint in China.


Meet Your New Team in China!

We will hire and manage your entire business development team and build-out the team and infrastructure you deem necessary. When you are ready, you can take over your team and capabilities and run them yourself. Labor costs for senior staff such as sales engineers and managers are normally about the same as in the West, while lower level staff are usually less expensive than in the West.


We have experience and can help you in all aspects of business development including sales, customer service, and technical support, without need for your travel to China and without need for entity formation. We can also assist you with fulfillment, sourcing and manufacturing as required.


Senior-level Penetration

We specialize in early penetration to the C-level, VP-level and Director-level to speed your business development process. With senior business experience and technical skills we are comfortable with technical products/services and comfortable working at the highest client levels appropriate for your business.


Deep Experience

Rain8 has over 15 years of experience building new businesses in China, usually from nothing, in multiple markets and over 25 years experience in global Electronics, Safety-Critical Software, Automotive, Systems, Components, Agri-tech, China-digital, China-ecommerce, China-cloud including building cloud and user-interfaces in China and and various other B2B and B2C businesses.


China may seem daunting. Indeed there are many pitfalls as any established firm will tell you, but these are well understood and easily avoidable if you know what to look for!




Turnkey Services

We call our services “turnkey” because we offer a complete menu including MARKET-FACING services such as sales and business development, BACK-OFFICE services to take care of all legal basis requirements, office staff, and office space as well as MANUFACTURING services from incubation in our own plant to your own outside operations.


Rain8 offers all the stepping-stones allowing you to start your business in China almost overnight with minimal commitment.


Grow your confidence and profitable revenue
in China step-by-step with Rain8!


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