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An Overview of Our CHINA SERVICES

Many new market entrants prefer to follow a sequence of commitments starting with market exploration eventually all the way through legal entity formation to fully owned, stand-alone, self-managed operations.



Our full list of services includes:



Market Exploration
Understanding China’s 5-Year Plan
Sharp China Strategy Development
Building New Relationships
Sales/Business Development
Developing Resale Partners or Distributors
Localized MarCom
Local Technical Support
Joint Venture Identification and Negotiation



Import/Export/Fulfillment Service
Invoicing and Currency
Establishing Footprint
Temporary Business Services
Recruiting New Qualified Staff
Legal Basis for Hiring and Paying Staff
Temporary Office Space
Legal Entity Formation
General Legal Help



Manufacturing (Incubation, Contract, Partnership, or Owned)
Manufacturing Finance (Grants, Loans, Private Equity)
Operational Audits/Temporary Management/Business Recovery


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