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China Marketing Program Development
Offline Marketing and MarCom Programs

Offline Marketing includes proven techniques such as print advertising, catalog, brochure and flyer development, logo design and visual identity design, radio and television advertising, indoor and outdoor advertising.


Online Marketing – Online MarCom Programs
Online Marketing and Online MarCom includes a wide array of new and proven techniques such as online advertising, banner advertising, pay-per-click advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, in-house website design and marketing, in-house website interactivity, social network marketing, social- forward marketing, mobile social and mobile social-forward marketing, blog and blog-paid-mention marketing.


Integrated Marketing Programs
Integrated Marketing, often called 360 Marketing, combines carefully selected elements of Offline Marketing and Online Marketing techniques integrated with company Traditional Direct and Indirect Selling organizations to create a highly cross-leveraged use of customer Offline and Online Marketing and Selling budgets. Rain8 uses a proprietary approach called Rain8'FUELTM Integrated Marketing System.


rain8 Integrated Marketing Program